F*ck around and F*nd out, 2022

I love that phrase.

What does it mean?! Is it a threat? A challenge?! Is it a declaration? I don’t even care. It’s part of my soul and this woman embodies how I want to feel on the inside as I continue to move through this world.

I’ve flipped the bird before, but it’s not really my style. Once, I gave the finger to a guy from a frat at university. He HATED me after that. I fucked around and found out. I also learned from that incident.

But some never do.

And that’s why they keep getting elected.

To those who say they can’t stomach a certain candidate, I ask, can you stomach a world in which women cannot access equitable health care?

I ask, can you stomach a world in which people of color are commodified by the DNC to win a presidential election in 2020, hidden away for the most part, only to be thrown under the bus when things get tough?

I ask, will you insist your 10 year-old daughter bear a child to rear or relinquish to the adoption industrial complex? Will you do that to YOUR 10 year-old? It happens, I assure you.

Vote for your mothers. Your wives. Your partners. Your children.

VOTE for an equitable world where being pro-life means giving women and children the basic needs to survive and where birth fathers are held to account.

VOTE for a world in which young women may not be coerced into abortion or adoption without informed consent.


Because if you f*ck around like some did in 2016, we already know what awaits our daughters on the other side of 2024.

Confirm your voter registration and location here: https://www.vote.org/am-i-registered-to-vote/

When you feel safe in your privilege not to vote, that is the exact reason you should.

Every vote counts.

Don’t fuck around.



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Ashley Toland

Ashley Toland


Social worker. Adoptee. Ally. Lover of good food, good people, and good social policy.